Recently I received a general question that many people are interested in, that is to make money online (MMO), how can I get paid? Which payment accounts must be registered and how to withdraw money?

If you are a beginner to learn about making money online and are not very clear about payment, online transactions,… This is also a matter of concern, and you need someone that has done before guide you to save your time.

In this short article, I will show the payment methods that I am using to receive money, as well as to transact and pay online. Explain the uses of each account.

account to receive money from MMO

Payoneer (as known as PO) – Everyone must have!

This is my main account used to receive payments from worldwide, most affiliate networks and T-shirts selling platforms have Payoneer payment option.

Example of receiving payments from the sale of Teespring T-shirts:

Teespring Paypal Payment

Or from Commission Junction:

Payoneer Commission Junction

By signing up a Payoneer account, you are also opening an account in the US (with a decent US bank account number), to receive payments when you make money online in foreign markets. In addition, you are also granted a card (Mastercard), it is like an ATM card and you can withdraw money at ATMs in any ATMs in the world which support the function of withdrawing money from VISA, Mastercard.

After you register successfully, Payoneer will ship the card to your door, you do not lose any shipping costs, only when you use this card to receive international payment, you lose the user fee of $30/year. (If you do not use the card, there is no charge) And $30 per year is not a huge amount for MMOers.

Currently, more than 60% of my transaction when receiving money is from Payoneer. Using Payoneer, I can withdraw cash in 2 ways:

  • Create a direct transfer to a bank account: this is very simple, once you have registered for the Payoneer, you can do it very easily, there is a large support team that will help you if you get any issues.

  • ATM withdrawals: you can withdraw your money through any ATMs that support Mastercard/VISA (99,9% of ATMs support this method).

Thus, Payoneer is the main method that I use to receive money, this is the payment solution I like the most right now. Next is Paypal I will mention shortly.

Paypal – The most popular payment gateway in the world

No matter who you are, as an MMO then you will always know about Paypal, Paypal is currently the most used payment gateway in the world because:

  • Convenient payment: Most online shops in the world support Paypal as a form of payment for customers.

  • Convenient to receive money: Most MMO programs support withdrawal via Paypal.

  • High security: This is the most secure payment method in the world.

Because of its high security, many people often have problems with Paypal because of its account restrictions, personal information investigation, transfer information,…

But if you did nothing wrong, did not receive money from unknown sources, Make Money Online with reliable networks (which I have introduced on my blog quite a lot), then you should not be afraid of the investigation of Paypal.

I myself have been asked by Paypal 3 times from the date of using Paypal until now (apparently once a year), the most recent time is like this:

Paypal email

The verification of information is quite easy as I only need to follow what Paypal requires (here is a photo ID and electricity bill at the address where I registered Paypal), Paypal does this to verify the name of the Paypal. me as well as the address I’m staying at is correct or not.

This is also right because online money laundering is rampant and difficult to control around the world, and Paypal is the most reputable and popular payment gateway in the world, they are required to do so.

I use money in my Paypal account to run Facebook Ads, so I also receive relatively money to this account. Example of payment from Viralstyle (also a network that sells T-shirts):

ViralStyle Payment

Registering a Paypal account is very easy and after you registered successfully, you must authenticate your account with a VISA card to increase reliability for Paypal and remove feature restrictions.

Withdrawing money from Paypal account to cash is not complicated, you can withdraw to VISA that you have used to verify Paypal before (there are many instructions on this form online, I will not mention here). Or withdraw to domestic bank accounts is also possible.

Open a domestic bank account (with an ATM card) and a VISA card

This is so familiar and depends on the law where you are living. But basically, every country support this method, use your ID Card and go to the bank to request them to open a bank account for you, remember to tell them to activate the online payment feature.

Then you can start to receive money from your MMO business as well as use money to buy software, tools for MMO.


Above, I have listed all my main accounts when making money online, I have some other domestic accounts but it’s only in my country, not for international (mainly used to buy phone cards, drinking coffee,…).

There are also some forms of receiving money from making money online such as checking or receiving money from Western Union, but these forms are quite simple, they will send checks to your home, and with Western Union, they will provide you only a code and you just need to go to the bank to receive money and all done, you don’t even need an account.

Nowadays, online payment is very developed, if you have not done MMO before, you shouldn’t worry about this, the more important thing is how to make money, that is more important.

You can start with the make money online programs for beginners, explore the knowledge I have shared on the GaoGao Review Blog to find the suitable direction for your ability and the amount of capital you currently have.