Choose where to do Affiliate

First step for MMO step by step checklist is choosing an Affiliate Program for yourself. Usually you will choose the big affiliate networks to do. And the domestic market (your country) is always easier to get started. However, the international market is large & has many better offers, the commission is also higher. It totally depends on your decision to choose domestic or international market. If you plan to do business in your country in the future, then be an affiliate in the domestic market. If you are more confident, you can choose some international markets to get started with.

In the international market, there are so many Affiliate networks, the most popular are:

  • CJ(Commission Junction)

  • Shareasale

  • Rakuten

  • Awin

  • Impact

  • Digital products: Clickbank & Jvzoo

  • CPO, CPA: there are Peerfly, Adcombo, MaxBounty, Clickbooth

  • Ecommerce: Amazon, Aliexpress

You can find more private affiliate programs by using the keyword: [niche name] + affiliate program via Google search. A niche is what you are planning to do. For example, I want to be an affiliate for golf niche, I will find “golf affiliate”, Google returns me many options:

Find Affiliate

Find niche and promotion strategy

Searching for a niche is not difficult because the needs in life are much various. In this step, you need to consider the 3 following important factors:

  • Number of queries on Google: your niche must gain a significant amount of interest, it would be better if the trend of keywords is increasing.

  • Focus on your expertise: Find an exact niche that you are good at and confident with

  • High commercialization: Your niche must have many products/services to promote, not the highly entertaining niche.

While looking for a niche, keep in mind those best pratice:

  • Low commission (Usually physical products): Building a website is always the best choice (free traffic)

  • High commission: Combine paid traffic & free traffic.

For products with high commissions, you have many ways to advertise, for example:

  • Free traffic: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Chatbot, … Generally wherever your customers exist & you have the ability to reach them for free.

  • Paid traffic: Facebook / Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads networks, Reddit Ads, etc. In general, all places allow you to buy access (CPM) or traffic (CPC).

Find a niche

In this checklist, I will note the steps of building websites to get free traffic from Google . Because this is my strongest strength.
If getting the attention, I will build the checklist for other directions in other posts.

Find products in that niche to promote

This is the easiest part of all. The quickest way is to see what previous publishers are promoting in your niche and answer the questions:

  • Is this product good?: The trend is still branding for the long term, so you need to find products that ensure quality.

  • Price of the product: If it is a physical product, the recommended price is over $50, make sure your commissions are high enough, you can’t promote the $20 products just to get back ~ $1/sale. Digital products will have better commissions but the number of niches is limited and highly competitive.

List the products you intend to promote in the  niche to a sheet for you to be easier to review later.

Build a website with WordPress

Free Traffic from Google is always quality, high conversion rates, easy to implement & does not require much capital. However, it needs your persistence, professionalism, thoroughness, dedication and proper action.

To get free traffic from Google, you need a website. There are lots of sources to teach you how to build your own website, you can figure it out on your own. I will not mention it here.

Keyword research for websites.

This is a mandatory & important step. You cannot write content to rank on Google that nobody cares about the topic of the content.

I also have a keyword research guide, you just need to follow.

Keyword research

Building content for the website

You can see the ways to find topics for the website I have just listed. Combine with the keyword set you have found and get started building content.

This is the step that makes you stop the most, because many of you are very afraid of this. My advice is that if you can’t write the content yourself, hire it.

Fiverr, Upwork, you can go to these freelance networks to hire a writer. Hiring writers from the Philippines or India is cheaper.

Although it’s hiring content, make sure you dig deep into your field . This does not help you, not even your writer.

As for me or other people in the community who will do different things, if you are not knowledgeable about what you are doing, you cannot give any knowledge to you.

You have to really understand your niche by reading a lot of articles, watching a lot of videos, understanding the market, products, customer needs,… Because you will be going with that niche for a long time.

The advantage of the latecomer is that there is already a huge amount of content available for reference, thus doing even better than those who came before.

But initially, you only need content at a basic level, maybe not as advanced as the previous pages because you do not have the opportunity to experience. But it is indispensable to have content first , later optimize it, better than you just do not look without action.

The next rule is that you have to build in-depth content , not regular content. That is, your content must have a certain depth. What keywords users search for, your content must clear to them about that keyword.

  • Users visit your website => After reading, click back to find other content: Your content is not good & Google understands that (High Bounce Rate).

  • Users visit your website => read, click to other internal links/extract and lower bounce rate => Your content is quality.

Onpage SEO optimization

When you post about 5-10 posts, it’s time to optimize your onpage SEO for each post. Or you can optimize from the first post up if there is time

Onpage SEO guide will be updated by me in this link. Basically, your optimization so that a Google bot can evaluate your website as well as you optimize your customers for:

  • Website performance

  • UX/UI website

  • Quality content & content layout.

SEO Optimization

Link building

A website with many links pointing to the quality will be appreciated by Google & ranked higher than other websites. Regarding link building, you can follow this tutorial from backlinks, I think it is quite detailed. Mostly you take action or not.

Build links please follow the following guidelines:

  • The return link is placed on a page with as much traffic as possible. Not traffic from the entire page, but traffic from the article you put the backlink on.

  • CTR rate through the article set the link pointing as high as possible: For example, your link is pointing from 2 articles A and B, these 2 articles have 100 visits / day. However, in lesson A there are 10 clicks on the article you need your SEO, while article B has only 2 clicks => Now the link in article A will be better quality in lesson B.

  • Link pointing from the website as reputable as possible (Considering both DA & PA indicators)

  • Content sets the article pointing the link as quality as possible, that is, you need to build the content yourself to create backlinks again, not stop at creating content for your website.

Optimized for commercial content

In affiliate marketing, commercial content includes:

  • Product reviews (Review articles)

  • Compare artciles

  • Guide to buying products (Buying guide)

  • Success stories (Case Study)

  • Questions related to buying: Where to buy, what brand, discount code, …

Your website must have this content and of course, you have to build it better than the rest. Because these are live content that make you profitable.

Repeat process & expand

Do not ask affiliate marketing to ever make money. The above steps will be repeated, the keyword has not reached the top means you do not correct, not Google has a problem.

The 3 steps you take will have to do nonstop:

  • Content creation & content optimization: Always remember that quality is more than quantity.

  • Onpage optimization

  • Build quality links

Once you’ve got your first accomplishments, you can expand it to other areas. It is best that the niche is closely related to the one you are doing.

Only paid traffic can bring immediate results, while free traffic needs you to be persistent. However, if you do not know how to apply, paid traffic will burn your money as garbage, and if free traffic fails, it is only a very inexpensive lesson.

MMO step by step checklist with Affiliate marketing is for you. This guide is based on my own experience working with Affiliate for serveral time. Thanks so much for your reading.