You may have heard someone say their job is “doing MMO“, but you don’t understand what MMO is? It was strange. You have never heard of it before.

However, it is only new to you, and to new people. As for myself having spent 5 years in this “industry”, and tens of thousands (probably more) than others, MMO has really become a job.

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Now start!

What is MMO

What is MMO that many people do?

MMO stands for 3 letters of the word Make Money Online. If you hear the name, you will understand it, right? You will use a computer or phone (mostly computers) with an Internet connection to do the job for the ultimate purpose of making money.

Thus, the meaning of the word MMO is quite wide, because as long as you are taking advantage of the online environment to make money, you are making MMO.

However, I will classify MMO into 3 forms as follows:

  • Kids: I name it fun because it is usually for under-18-year-olds. Like doing surveys, clicking ads, installing mobile apps, etc. Mainly making money for coffee, phone card, not for profit or long-term income. People who actually do MMOs won’t do it or just do for fun.

  • Profession: As an MMO-er like me, taking advantage of the famous available platforms to make money. Like the Affiliate Network, Youtube, Amazon, Google,… They all have their own programs that give you the opportunity to “collaborate”. The opportunities for income are endless & bring you knowledge + true endurance.

  • Online business: It is also MMO because it is relying on online platforms to get customers. I also do online business & see you in another article.

I & you will not analyze anything here. What you need to understand now is:

Anything that can make money online, is called an MMO.

This is a fairly general word, and if you want to do like me & thousands of others, we need to analyze what form should do, what form should not.

I had a post titled: The prestigious MMO forms now, you can read to see the details.

Is MMO real? I am still confused

Since 2015, I have had results with MMO.

What is MMO

$$$ online, possible??

The truth is like this – MMO is completely existing around you, just because you are too busy at school, work, family,… you had no time to notice.

Many companies, big and small, will pay you if you do something beneficial to their development. Or will become a partner with them, no matter which degree you have, as long as you have the ability.

I will give you very real examples of MMO:

  • Paul Counts earn millions of dollars per year from MMO

  • Charles Ngo earns millions of dollars per year by paid traffic (ads campaign…)

  • Ewen Chia, author of the book “How I Made My First Million on the Internet” made millions of dollars from Internet, even it took him 5 years to make the first earning.

If you know their stories, you will know that they have nothing special, they were all in bad situation when starting, so, you can do it too.

But, just like any job in life. MMO has many reliable forms in parallel with many shit forms that are very nonsense, and you earn very little, even deceived.

I will talk about that later, next, let’s find out how MMO people in the world receive money!

2 ways to get money when doing MMO

If working in international markets, you must have the following two types of accounts:

  • Paypal: The most popular online payment method in the world. Used to receive payment, or you can use it to buy goods, use online services across the countries. You need to add 1 VISA card to connect offline.
  • Payoneer: Only for receiving & withdrawing to the bank, or withdrawing with the Mastercard provided.

I wrote an article saying which method I use to receive money

Which form of MMO to get started?

There are many different forms of MMO, so you should carefully consider the capabilities, credibility and long-term possibility of them. I have a more detailed article, but I will still review the main forms that I am focusing on at present:

Make money by developing websites

This is the most popular form of making money online, with website development you can get many different ways of making MMOs:

  • Sell ​​other people’s products to get commission (affiliate marketing): This is a very HOT MMO form because you do not need to create products to sell, just promote other people’s products with an attractive commission rate.
  • Place ads from advertising networks: Typically Google Adsense, MGID, Admob,… Or those who need to buy ads on your website will actively deal privately. If you have good traffic, there will be plenty of opportunities.
  • Sell ​​your own products: You can make a website, write relevant content about the products you have and drive readers to buy your own. (Also known as online business)

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is quite hot, so I always put it into 1 item. As I mentioned above, affiliate marketing has great potential and can bring you huge income sources.

At the core, you only need to advertise, do not need to worry about capital issues, logistics or customer care. In other words, affiliate marketing is a way to help you practice online business with a shortened process.

Here are some forms of MMO of affiliate marketing that I recommend:

  • Make money with CPO: Find a network (ex: ClickDealer, Clickbank, JVZoo,…), then grab their products and start to promote. The commission of those sites is really high.
  • Building a website in niche (niche site): this is a difficult method but it can bring a big source of income. That means you will make a website in a certain niche and then sell affiliate products related to that niche. The most popular site for you to do the affiliate for is Amazon.
  • Make money with Authority Site: this is a more advanced method than Nichesite. You will create a website that specializes in a certain area (for example, cooking, beauty, gardening,…) and sell a lot of related products instead of making a small niche as the Niche site method.

If you do not have much capital to do business, affiliate marketing is a form of MMO that I recommend, but to make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing is not easy. Understand affiliate marketing mindset carefully before starting to work on this MMO form.

Sell Products/Services

You have good products to sell in the market? Very well, if you know a little bit more about Digital Marketing, the opportunity will open up for you online.

Or do you have a quality service that needs more customers? The same.

All are MMOs, the opportunity is evenly divided for everyone.

Time to say goodbye

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[Revised and Updated for March 2020]
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